Estate Planning: A difficult but necessary decision

Death is a difficult thing for human beings to quantify and experience. The very nature of death is confusing to most people because it begs the answer to many metaphysical questions about the possibility of an afterlife and the phenomenon of human consciousness. Unfortunately, death often tends to force out sides in the personalities of the living that are unpleasant and damaging to their fellow, grieving family members. Succeeding family members that are left to deal with the aftermath, often in legal and financial regards,  of the death of a loved one, can experience difficult situations. Personal grief and incidental depression can leave family members too exhausted to handle the affairs of their deceased loved ones.

Estate planning, as it is commonly referred to in modern times, is the practice of preparing a course of action in the event of sudden death. Typically this is a very loving precaution for one’s family. In most cases where there is no last will for a person, their family can go through excruciating times where tensions are high, and compassion may be difficult to find. Families can already be completely torn apart by losing their family members to death, but when large sums of money, property, or even personal items of high monetary and sentimental value are up for grabs, the pain of losing that person can mutate into a cloud of irrational decisions. Petty quarrels over personal belongings of the deceased are common in family deaths.

The wisest plan of action to avoid these adverse outcomes for each person to plan for their death. While this idea seems morbid and depressing for most people it should be looked at as an opportunity to live life fully until the imminent day when you will pass on from this earth. With schedules taking the reigns on many people’s lives it is easy to see how taking the time to plan for such a morbid appointment. Obviously, we are not keen to the idea that one day this body will cease to breathe as we pass on. This attitude is a human phenomenon in that the fear of the death is usually what inspires us to live each day to its fullest potential. Ironically, selecting a burial method, payment methods, and selecting which of your favorite tea pots will live on among younger descendants is not the type of appointment we make room for in the busy life schedule.

To conclude, death is an extremely difficult phenomenon in the way that it forces humans to confront their fears of their own mortality. With heavy emotions weighing down on the reasoning centers of each psyche it is obvious how family members can turn against each other in vindictive ways. In order to diffuse these tensions and ensure that one’s death remains free of negative interactions between family members it is wise to plan accordingly when the end of life is near. Death may be painful, but the tense feuds between blood relatives can be equally painful on the living.


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