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Contraindications for Xarelto

One of the first things a doctor will do upon first consultation is to take a thorough medical history. For most people, this can be a long tedious process that can sometimes seem irrelevant, but it is very important that your doctor knows everything, even down to the aspirin that you take for your headaches. This is especially true when you need to be prescribed with a blood thinner.

People who are diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis or atrial fibrillation may be prescribed with Xarelto (rivaroxaban), an anticoagulant that has recently been introduced in the market as an alternative to warfarin, the standard anticoagulant treatment for more than 50 years. The market opened up for anticoagulants when warfarin was discovered to increase the risk of brain and spinal cord hemorrhaging. Warfarin also requires careful monitoring and diet restrictions because its efficacy is affected by certain drugs and food.

Xarelto, on the other hand, is considered a more convenient option because it does not require monitoring and it is only taken once a day, the dosage depending on what the physician prescribes. However, it also has adverse interactions with certain drugs including aspirin, which can increase the risk of uncontrollable bleeding to dangerous levels. Patients with compromised renal function are also at risk of renal failure with Xarelto, which can be a major problem because most patients who require anticoagulant treatment are older, many of whom may have compromised renal function.

Moreover, Xarelto stays in the system for as much as 24 hours and has no approved reversal agent, so if uncontrollable bleeding occurs, the only thing that can be done is to undergo emergency dialysis to rid the system of the drug and trigger coagulation. Many patients have sustained serious injury from using Xarelto; some have died from excessive bleeding.

Distributor Janssen Pharmaceutical and manufacturer Bayer AG have been criticized for failing to adequately warn physicians and patients about the dangers of using Xarelto. The first Xarelto lawsuit was filed in early 2014 and many more have followed. If you have suffered uncontrollable bleeding from using Xarelto, you too may be eligible to file a Xarelto lawsuit. Consult with a qualified dangerous drug lawyer in your area to find out how you can get compensation for your injuries.