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Social Networking and Job Hunting

Hardly anyone in the free world does not have at least one social networking account, and that is why it is such a boom industry. But social networking is not just about your social life; it’s also about networking, and that can become handy when you are looking for a job.

Back in the day, successful people often had a wide circle of acquaintances they share some common ground with. With the advent of the electronic age and proliferation of social networks, everybody can get connected and communicate just as effectively as being part of a particular physical group or community. The key here is the sharing of information, and when it comes to employment opportunities, being in the know is nearly as important as being qualified.

There are always opportunities for employment; the trick is to know about it. Before the internet became the end-all and be-all of communications, employers posted jobs in classified ads and bulletin boards, and job seekers would look for them there. But this is necessarily limited to a certain population, so you may only learn about 5% of the total number of available jobs for which you are qualified.

Social networks have effectively put paid to that limitation. Everyone can know everything about everyone else if they know where to look. For employers and job seekers, not all social network platforms are appropriate for seeking professional connections. For these types of needs, the most appropriate sites would be profession-based forums or a networking site like LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, for example, members are asked to fill in a profile that is practically a resume. People can engage on a professional rather than personal level with others who may share the same background. It can be a good venue for posting questions and answers, ask advice, ask for a job, or scout for potential talent. Employers can filter search for members with certain qualifications, or go into groups that are exclusive for specific professionals to have a look-see. This makes the hiring process a lot more convenient and efficient for all parties concerned.