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Cocaine Possession: A Serious Crime that Requires Good Defense

A powerful stimulant that highly addictive, cocaine falls under the category of Schedule II drug, according to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of the United States. Schedule II drugs are illegal substances that tend to be abused; but may also be administered by doctors for certain needs of patients.

The United States is recognized as the world’s largest cocaine consumer. To well-earning employees, the middle and upper classes, cocaine is called the “rich man’s drug”; they usually use it as a stimulant, to help them stay awake and render longer working hours for greater productivity. To the younger generation, the drug is known as a “party drug,” which allows them to stay alert and last through the night.

Once hooked up to cocaine, a user’s tendency is to take it on a more frequent basis, with the amount increasing on each take. And like many other drugs, which have been declared illegal, possession of cocaine, its use, manufacture, distribution and supply, are all considered illegal too.

Anyone charged with a crime involving cocaine is bound to suffer harsh punishments and a huge fine, more so if injury or worse, death, would be connected with the drug offense. As stated in the United States Code (USC) of Controlled Substances Act, possession of the drug in whatever amount, will result to up to 12 months imprisonment plus a $1,000 minimum fine – if it is a first conviction. The amount of fine and the length of time behind bars both increase with the number of convictions.

Even if the charge involves mere possession of the drug, it still is a serious criminal offense that one ought to worry about. Any criminal offense, anyway, is something that should concern the one charged, since any criminal record will definitely usher in lots of inconveniences and limits that may hinder the offender incapable of living a comfortable life and attaining his/her future aspirations in life.

There are many negative impacts a criminal record can have on a person’s life, even decades after he/she has committed the crime. With a really experienced and convincing defense, the accused may be able to save himself/herself from a conviction or receive a reduced penalty or punishment. With the guidance of an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer, a person’s chances of building that necessary convincing defense are increased dramatically. This is because of the attorney’s years of training and experience handling these kinds of situations.