Reasons You Need a Professional to do Your Landscaping

Maintaining a healthy, safe, and beautiful landscape requires a lot of time and effort. If you have a day job and have to spend evening and weekends working with your landscape, this task can seem never-ending. Your landscape requires regular maintenance or else your property is at risk of becoming overgrown with pesky weeks, lawn diseases, pest, or unhealthy or dying pets.  Maintaining your landscape, lawn, flowers, trees, and maybe even your pool can become overwhelming and has the potential to take away time that you could be spending with your family or doing activities you love.

Ware landscapers have over a decade of experience maintaining and renovating a wide variety of landscapes and understand that landscape service is more than just showing up and doing the job. Our job is about understanding what you want for your property and we strive to help you achieve your dream landscape. While landscaping may seem like a job you can do on your own, it is a lot of work and very time-consuming. Our landscapers have an experienced eye for a well-designed landscape and we work closely with each of our clients whether residential or commercial to understand your vision in order to give you the beautiful landscape you have always wanted.

At Ware Landscape, we offer a variety of services for landscape maintenance including, flower bed edging, routine fertilizer application, sod and seed installation, mulch delivery and installations, lawn mowing, weed prevention and removal, pruning, and general cleanup. As you can see, when you add this all up, it is a lot of work. Each of these tasks requires specific equipment and skills if you want the job done right. Not to mention that each season of the year requires specific landscape maintenance and we know exactly what to do and prepare for each season, even the harsh winters of Illinois.

If you are looking to sell your home or property soon, hiring a landscaper to renovate your property typically can have upward of 150 percent return on investment. Not only can hiring a professional landscaper to take all of your landscape maintenance problems off your hand, but it is also a great investment if you are thinking of selling your property.

Our landscapers are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to not only deliver you a beautiful landscape but also maintain it through the year. If you find yourself spending too much time working with your landscape and feel like you still a lot of work still to be done, call us today to discuss your landscape or request a free quote online. Our landscapers are ready to take care of all your landscape maintenance for you.

The Keystone Pipeline and the Threat to Oil

Recently, there was an oil spill in South Dakota from the controversial Keystone Pipeline. Days later, Nebraska approved a new route to continue the pipeline over protests. These two facts show the longterm difficulties oil will have no with getting the legislation passed to explore and export oil, but with the perception of those practices in modern America.

To be clear, America still needs a lot of oil. Though renewables have made inroads, those are minuscule on the macro-scale. Oil remains one of the major sources of energy in the country.

That is likely to continue for the next few decades to come, even in the rosiest of environmental futures. What may continually change and make business increasingly difficult is the perception of what oil stands for.

For decades, oil stood for American economic development, it stood for innovation and upward momentum. It helped fuel America’s rise in the 20th century and people were grateful.

Now, though, oil is starting to get a bad name. This started with oil spills like the Exxon Valdez in 1989, but it has skyrocketed in recent years. For one thing, Americans, and others around the world are more aware of the environment than they once were. Though there remains controversy around global warming in America, it is no longer a topic simply dismissed. It is seriously argued over, and every policy that involves energy involves a debate over how it affects the climate.

Those along the Gulf Coast have also seen some of the effects of offshore after the explosions on Deepwater Horizon (which was so seared into the national consciousness that it was made into a movie).

These issues have combined to make the country far more aware of the negative as well as the positive effects of fossil fuels. It has led to things like the Keystone Pipeline being passionately contested by parts of the country.

With the virulent strain of storms that hit the country this year being partly blamed on global warming as well, oil will inevitably be drawn into this conversation as well.

The long-term trajectory for oil on this issue could pose some serious difficulties. Protests are likely to continue over pipelines. There may be more lawsuits over gas and oil land rights as activists buy up land or convince landowners to take a stand. Ultimately, what would be most concerning, would be if more people in America felt worse and worse about going to the pump every week to fill up their car.

That sense of guilt and the following sense of obligation to find other options could be a very serious problem for oil’s future.

To avoid this, the oil industry should do more to offset some of its negative environmental impacts. Buying up rainforest, for instance, or sponsoring investment in more efficient vehicles would do some good for the product’s image. Avoiding more spills would also, obviously, be very helpful.

Overall, more needs to be done to convince people oil can be a positive in their lives, and that they can feel guilt-free filling their tanks.